Terms of Service and Privacy Policy by the Hotel
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Terms of Service and Privacy Policy by the AdoraHotels reservations service provider (One Planet Tech, Mercaservi SL)
In compliancewith Law 15/99 of 13 December on the Protection of Personal Data, OnePlanet Tech Mercaservi named SL (hereinafter the Company) complystrictly with all the necessary measures to ensure the security,integrity and privacy of data provided through the data collectionforms embedded in the web site adorahotels.com (the site).

Personal data freely entered by the customer (the user) in the forms ofthe site are solely employed by the company to perform their dutiesadministrative, technical, and commercial. The data collected inconnection with the application of a reservation will be sharedexclusively with the establishment which has made the request for thereservation, to allow the establishment of the reservation process andcontact the customer in accordance with the law. In no other case willbe transferred personal data of our customers to third parties outsidethe company without express consent of the affected. The company agreesto cancel the personal data collected when they are no longer necessaryor relevant for the purpose for which they were collected.

The company shall allow the transfer of data only when it involves aneed to provide their customers the services contracted, giving theseonly to those entities and bodies are intimately and necessarily linkedto the provision of various services offered in site, employees orpartners of the firm or professional firms and companies to collaborateor assist in the economic, administrative, legal, tax or financial.

Authorized personnel access the company's customer data is done in acontrolled and hierarchical, according to the internal politics ofaccess and processing of customer data.

The user to enter personal information in different site registrationforms will have full ability to exercise their rights of access,rectification, cancellation and opposition at any time asking for thecompany, as provided in the aforementioned Data Protection Act.

The data transmission is performed in an encrypted under a secureconnection, the company guarantees the absolute confidentiality andprivacy of personal data collected and therefore taken essential safetymeasures to prevent alteration, loss, unauthorized access or processingthus ensuring its integrity and security. However, the company does notguarantee that unauthorized third parties from undertaking any type ofattack may be aware of system features that users use the site.Therefore, the company shall in no way responsible for the incidentsthat may arise over personal data where derived from either an attackor unauthorized access to systems at the site, so it is impossible todetect by current security measures or when due to a lack of diligenceof the user in terms of guardianship and custody of their passwords ortheir own personal data.

The user information provided must be truthful. For this purpose, theuser guarantees the authenticity of all data communicated as a resultof completing the forms necessary for the recruitment of the Services.It will also be your responsibility to keep this informationcontinuously updated to satisfy, at each moment, the user's actualsituation. The user is solely responsible for any false or inaccuratestatements made and the damages caused to the company or third partyfor the information provided.

The company expressly prohibits the reproduction, distribution, publiccommunication, totally or partially, or any other activity that can bedone with the content and / or software on the site or even quoting thesource, without the written consent of the company.

The resolution of any dispute, controversy or claim arising from theuse of the site, its contents or any products or services offered onthis subject the Spanish legislation.

For any queries, regarding the privacy policy adopted or the executionof the rights granted by the LOPD the injured, the company offerse-mail address gestion@adorahotels.com

To comply with the provisions of Law 34 / 2006 of January 11, servicesof information society and electronic commerce, below are the generaldetails of this web site: Trademark: adorahotels. com owned by:MERCASERVI SL; address is: c / Hawaii s / n, 38650 S / C Tenerife,Spain. Phone: +34 922 752950 Email: gestion@adorahotels.com
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